Nov 9-10, 2021 at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Why Attend ITEX

Print is Never Coming Back

Pivotal Point for Dealers - Supply Chain

COVID has forever changed the landscape of almost every market, and it was a huge wakeup call for the office equipment industry.  Almost everyone experienced hardware sales and print volume declines as offices closed last year.  Even as we see offices begin to re-open the office environment will still see a different future to where it was pre-pandemic. Luckily, some were able to pivot and even expand into areas that helped to stave off an inevitable and disastrous outcome, while others weren’t so lucky and struggled to keep their doors open.  The industry is at a crossroads today, where several will need to make some tough decisions to – transform, diversify, and collaborate. 

Keypoint Intelligence & ITEX have teamed together to help paint a path forward for our industry.  We may not be able to predict the entire future, but we can help with our learnings from the past, newest research findings, as well as bring together industry leaders that can all help you to see a clearer future and start putting the pieces together for the office & dealer of the future. 

Today’s buyers are looking for sellers with the TOTAL PACKAGE of solutions and services.

  • Face time with hundreds of vendors and potential business partners
  • Education for all members of the business (Service Managers, CIO, CEO, Sales Managers)
  • Education on getting started or expanding in emerging markets
  • Guidelines on how to upsell existing clientele on new offerings
  • Exposure to new services and product offerings
  • New networking events

We have the tools to help you Own the Office, Piece by Piece.


Nov 9th, 2021 

1:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Evolved Office Marketing Summit

3:30 PM – 6:00 PM: Keypoint Intelligence “COVID Aftermath” Summit


Nov 10th, 2021

8:00 AM – 6:00 PM: ITEX Trade Show

9:45 AM – 6:00 PM: Exhibit Hall Hours


Tues, Nov 9 | 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM | Evolved Office Marketing Summit

Room “Reno I”
Join Evolved Office, successful dealers, and other marketing professionals in this 2-hour packed session on marketing automation. Learn about the new features available through Evolved Office as well as new B2B marketing tactics available for you to generate leads. Walk away with a personalized digital marketing audit on your company and next steps.

Tues, Nov 9 | 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM | KeyPoint Covid AfterMath Summit

Room “Laughlin II”
The COVID Situation – What happened & Where do we go? 

  • Hardware & Print Volume – Yesterday, Today & The Future 

The Office of the Future, The Future of Work & Workplace Transformation  

  • Transformation of the buyer  
  • The Future Buyer/Commerce Experience 

The Future of Print 

  • What will happen to A3/A4? New print offerings – Production, Industrial-Packaging (Direct to Shape), Additive Manufacturing, Wide Format 

Future Technologies & The Smart Workplace  

  • IT, IoT, Smart Lighting/Temperature, Managed IT

Solutions & Services of the Future 

  • The New Hybrid workplace – Convergence of collaboration & communications 
  • VOIP, Teams, Zoom & Cloud Collaboration 

The Future Dealer & The Channel Convergence Phenomenon 

Wed, Nov 10 | 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM | Education

Room “Laughlin I”
Track: Future Technologies
Title: The Human Factor: “A Critical Component in Combating Modern Threats”

Considering 88% of security breaches are the result of human error, it’s a threat common to companies of all sizes. Join David Levine, Vice President of Corporate and Information Security and CSO, Ricoh USA, Inc., as he discusses some of the reasons behind the people challenge, including varying personalities, goals, priorities and skill levels. Specific topics include:

  • Ransomware attacks continue to increase exponentially and it takes a holistic approach to prepare and respond to the threat.
  • Hybrid workplace and dissolving network boarders are resulting in new threats and the need for new approaches.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) including multifunction devices and their role in the modern threat landscape.

Room “Reno I”
Track: Future Solutions & Services
Title: Grow your business (now!) – offer cloud solutions for hybrid workforces

If there’s one thing companies learned from the pandemic, it’s that they need new ways to collaborate to move business forward as their office environments have permanently changed to a new distributed model of productivity: anytime, anywhere, and on any-device.

Now is the time to act. Attend to learn the importance of offering your customers/prospects document management and workflow automation. You’ll hear directly from dealers that are growing their businesses selling these solutions.

See the uncompromisingly easy entry into office automation that is a preconfigured cloud solution. Ready-to-use packages can be implemented in just days and are fast to deliver value, replacing common manual, paper-based and error-prone workflow. Offer shorter sales cycles and repeatable sales processes – get in the game today.

Room “Reno II”
Track: The Future Dealership
Title: 6 Digital Marketing Strategies that Work

Digital Marketing has become vital in every business marketing strategy. With the constant growth and popularity of different technologies, social media platforms, and online-based communication, it’s more important than ever to invest in the right digital marketing strategies. In this session, you will learn 6 proven digital marketing strategies that work and how to implement them.

Wed, Nov 10 | 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM | Education

Room “Laughlin I”
Track: Future Technologies
Title: Fireside Chat with Mike Stramaglio & Randy Dazo

We all know that the past 18 months have been extremely challenging for every industry, especially the office equipment market. Understanding how to navigate through all the noise and find the right opportunity or the next big thing can be just as challenging. In this session Mike Stramaglio, industry figurehead and president of Stramaglio Consulting, and Randy Dazo, Chief Strategy Officer at Keypoint Intelligence will talk about what the next big thing/things are for the OED channel and offer advice on how dealers can accelerate their entre into them.

Room “Reno I”
Track: Future Solutions & Services
Title: Sustainability in Print – How to bring the sustainability message & solutions to your customers

ecoprintQ will present ecoFriendly solutions to help ensure your print environment has a positive impact on the planet.

Room “Reno II”
Track: The Future Dealership
Title: CRM Insights – Enable Sales & Marketing to drive revenue growth

The Customer Relationship Management tool is designed to capture customer data and prioritize market segments which are proven to be most successful. The CRM platforms enables a continuous relationship within the customer lifecycle, where dealers have the ability to target market segments based on strategic services or technology offerings. As the need for Sales and Marketing alignment has been elevated throughout the dealer channel, the CRM platform has the ability to integrate Sales and Marketing activities to establish a common / focused growth target. Our dealer panel will review common challenges and proven processes / disciplines which have resulted in strategic revenue growth.

Wed, Nov 10 | 9:45 AM - 1:30 PM | Exhibit Hall & Lunch
Wed, Nov 10 | 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM | Education

Room “Laughlin I”
Track: Future Technologies
Title: Leveraging Unified Communications throughout the Office Equipment Industry

Covid forever changed our industry. More than ever it is important to add new recurring revenue streams to our business. Telecommunications is the way. We have the customers and relationships, let’s leverage them. Garnering a deeper share of client business only makes sense! Matt Siemens, CEO of NUSO and Industry Expert, will clearly show the path to new revenue and greater prosperity.

Room “Reno I”
Track: Future Solutions & Services
Title: Accelerate to the Better Normal with Document Workflow Transformation

This past year has brought change to everyone’s work environment and knowing how to accelerate to the better normal is top priority. With employees working either at home, in dedicated office pods, or transitioning back to the office, your organization may be struggling to drive business productivity

Join Kofax Sr. Account Executive, Mark Stewart, as he discusses how to accelerate digital transformation programs, while driving operational efficiencies, increasing productivity and ensuring document security. In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Convert MFDs to digital transformation on-ramps by extending intelligent automation capabilities to the devices
  • Drive increased productivity by automating business processes as organizations prepare to support hybrid workforces for an extended time
  • Support an extended connected ecosystem of business applications with intelligent capture, secure print management and document workflow automation

Room “Reno II”
Track: The Future Dealership
Title: ECOMMERCE: How eCommerce Complements Dealer Sales & Improves SEO

Today’s buyers have significantly changed, where new millennials are now making business decisions based on how they prefer to conduct business. Statistics have shown that technology buyers will do 80% of their research on-line before speaking to a sales rep, so having a website that demonstrates thought leadership and a robust product catalog are what buyers are looking for today. This session will address the new buyer behaviors and demonstrate Keypoint’s eCommerce platform that is built for the office equipment dealer market

Wed, Nov 10 | 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM | Education

Room “Laughlin I”
Track: Future Technologies
Title: Reimagining Fax in the Wake of COVID

For decades, all aspects of the U.S. Healthcare system have adopted faxing as the de facto way documents of all types are exchanged. And much of that dependency has to do with HIPAA Compliance. However, the extreme strain put on the healthcare system by COVID-19 exposed legacy fax solutions as inadequate and inefficient, prompting organizations of all sizes to reexamine their fax processes. In this session, we’ll review the various methods your customers are using to deal with faxes, and the solutions you could be offering them that would transform their fax processes from bottlenecks to expediters.

Room “Reno I”
Track: Future Solutions & Services
Title: Cybersecurity best practices for the age of digitally transformed businesses

The last year has been one of digital transformation for businesses of all sizes. From rapidly adopting the cloud to increase productivity, to increasing SaaS usage to accommodate the expanded remote workforce, MSPs have helped their clients navigate these changes. With remote work here to stay, MSPs must ensure their customers’ data, devices, and employees are protected, from wherever they are working. Join Barracuda MSP for a discussion on best practices for securing yourself and customers in this newly transformed business age. In this session, we will discuss:

  • What you need to know about today’s intensified cyberthreat landscape
  • Emerging attack vectors and surfaces you need to protect, and
  • Actionable tips for protecting your customers’ data, devices, and employees

Room “Reno II”
Track: The Future Dealership
Title: MPS and the Subscription Economy? The Future of Your Business Will Depend On It

The future of the Office Equipment Channel has become anything but predictable thanks to the pandemic, chip shortages and the proliferation of remote work. The old model of Cost Per Page was already being stressed by fewer printed pages and ever tightening margins and the sluggish outlook for 2022 clearly illustrates a need for change, and fast. Join West McDonald, Chief Noise Maker at Tigerpaw Software, as he lays out the case for how the future of the Office Equipment Channel will not only survive if it adapts to a subscription model but thrive. You’ll learn:

  • The history: What other verticals have transitioned to a subscription and how that has helped them to grow.
  • The math: How to safely offer print and output related services with high margins and predictable revenues.
  • The opportunities: Subscription for print is just the beginning and West will lay out the reasons you should be looking at other services, and not just the ones you think.
  • Dealer Insights: Get insights from dealers and others who have already made the move to subscription services and their success
Wed, Nov 10 | 3:45 PM - 6:00 PM | Exhibit Hall Happy Hour by Static Control




Dominic Pontrelli

Pontrelli Marketing

Roger Jung

VP of Sales
Evolved Office

Caleb Wolfe

Sr. Sales Director
DocuWare Corp.

Dominick Bracero

Director of Sales

Andrew Brearton

N. America Emerging Accounts
Barracuda MSP

Randy Dazo

Chief Strategy & Product Officer
Keypoint Intelligence

West McDonald

Chief Noise Maker

Dan Aronson

Vice President of Channel Sales
Advantage Technologies

Matt Siemens


Mike Stramaglio

President and CEO
Stramaglio Consulting LLC

Michael Gale

Sr. Sales Director
Docuware Corp.

Dave Augason

Chief Sales Officer
Les Olson Company

Harris Delchamps

Technology Solutions Sales Manager
RJ Young

David Levine

Vice President of Corporate and Information Security
Ricoh USA, Inc.

Mark Stewart

Sr. Account Executive